Agile Transformation at News UK

Agile Transformation at News UK

Agile World is delighted to welcome the Agile Transformation Team from News UK to highlight their recent and future work with JCURV. This is very much in the context of the State of Agile Culture Report supported by the Agile Business Consortium and run on the technology system built by Truthsayers using their unique Neurotech® for People Analytics.

Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith welcomes;

News UK

News UK is at the heart of the national conversation. Reaching almost 40 million people each month across the UK and beyond, our brands provide news, analysis, opinion – and some fun – to loyal and engaged audiences. Online, on the air, in print and beyond, our world-class journalists and broadcasters tell the stories that matter.


Transform your work, team and entire company with Agile working structures, helping you to grow professionally.

Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Business Consortium is an independent professional body dedicated to advancing business agility worldwide in accordance with a defined set of professional standards and a code of practice.


Neurotech® is the Future of People Analytics. We’ve taken the deep complexities of neuroscience and behavioural psychology and made them simple and accessible for you to use in your company.

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