Agile World S2 E12 Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith interview Chris Stone about Agile

Agile World with Chris Stone S2 E12

Chris Stone interview on Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Noto and Karl Smith talk  about Agile, Agnostic Agile, Agile Retrospectives and Ways of Working that help people.

Chris Stone interview with ??? ??????? ????? ?????, Enterprise Agile Coach / Agile Transformation Lead / Scrum Master possessing over 9 years experience within the IT industry.

???????? & ???? ??????????, in my opinion should be critical to why we do things and how we choose to do them. In terms of metrics I subscribe to, you’ll hear me talk less often about ‘velocity’ and ‘lead times’, and more about ‘Days since last user engagement’. This to me is a more powerful metric, keeps us anchored to our vision and the problems we’re trying to solve, and ensure we’re frequently checking that we’re on the right course.

I firmly believe in fostering an environment of autonomy for the teams and people I work. ? ???????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?????????. If a team, or organisation are no longer reliant upon my input or support, I’ve been a success in my role.

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