Story Points are DEAD

Story Points are DEAD Agile World Hot Topic S3 E6

Story Points are DEAD Agile World Hot Topic with our hosts Sabrina C E Noto and Karl Smith talk with Mark Walsh  about Story Points. Insightful as always Mark describes the problem leaving our host aghast with the knowledge of Business Agility people. Asking teams to do “more points than last sprint” as if points really deliver features and value.
This episode is not to be missed if your involved in any kind of Agile and have any intention of seeing the benefits of Agile realised. Mark also explains how you can in fact see real value delivered regardless of your toolset, worth a listen for that gem alone.

The Challenge

Mark Walsh – Business C-Suite, service owners, project sponsors, business analysts, 3rd party vendors (RFQs and contract management). I’ve worked with the most senior decision makers, used to delivering very substantial cost-savings, revenue-increases, and controlling projects impacting thousands of stakeholders. Onboarded by businesses to assess their existing Target Operating Model (TOM), and advise on and plan restructuring, re-engineering, and operational and fiscal streamlining. This has consistently produced large measurable benefits.

Working with, and reporting to, client C-Suite, assesses, analyses and advises on top-to-bottom strategy, guiding on realignment of operational, IT and financial structures, training and people management.

A depth of expertise in embedding a forward-thinking, sustainable culture and advising whole businesses in change, mission-adjustment coaching, and team management.

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If you want to join in the discussion come to the meetup session Story Points are DEAD Tuesday, July 6, 2021 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT+1 https://www.meetup.com/agile-world-meetup-group/events/278981965/
 Story points are DEAD Agile World

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