Leadership Agility with Bill Joiner

Leadership Agility with Bill Joiner and Ben Hutchinson

Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith are delighted to welcome Ben Hutchinson from JCurv and Bill Joiner from ChangeWise, Inc. on to Agile World to share their knowledge and insights on Leadership Agility. The need for Leadership Agility was a key observation from The State of Agile Culture Report 2021-22 run by Jcurv, the Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers.


  • Bill Joiner from ChangeWise Inc. – Leadership Agility is the ability to lead effectively under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity. It includes but goes considerably beyond what’s commonly known as “agile leadership.” As described in our deeply researched book, Leadership Agility, it makes leaders more strategic, more collaborative, more innovative, and more proactive in learning from experience. Using our proprietary assessment, coaching, and training methodologies, we help leaders grow into new levels of agility that they apply in leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations, thereby creating more agile teams and organizations.
  • Ben Hutchinson from JCurv – Transform your work, team and entire company with Agile working structures, helping you to grow professionally.

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